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    Plug-In Lamp Module

    €20.24 excl tax
    When an incandescent lamp is plugged onto this module, it can be controlled using any X10 controller or locally via the ON/OFF button on the module.
    Simply press the ON/OFF button on the module to toggle between ON and OFF states or send an X10 command to it.
    Using an X10 controller, this module can also respond to the X10 Bright/Dim command.

    DIN Rail Switch

    €48.37 excl tax
    EOL (end of life) equipment:
    INS 2453-422 Din rail actuator

    The X10 DIN rail switch is a remote controlled relay. Discretely installed at the junction box, it switches hard-wired circuits with several switches (e.g. hallway lighting). The internal relay can be tripped either by external latched or momentary action wall switches or by an X10 controller.

    The AD10E responds to STANDARD X10 protocols: "All units off" from any X10 controller set to its house code, regardless of unit code. Or alternatively, by individual unit control using "On" and "Off". When the relay is energized, the LED above the slide switch is illuminated.

    Availability: Out of stock

    Dimming actuator

    €36.58 excl tax
    The LW12 is an in-wall module with built-in dimmer that can be installed behind existing momentary switches or wall outlets.

    The LW12 can be controlled with X10 signals via the mains or a momentary switch connected to the LW12. The LW12 has a memory setting for the last dimmer setting and uses SoftStart and SoftDim. The LW12 is the only X10 module that doesn't use a zero wire. This means it can replace a switch without having to use any extra wiring.

    The AW 12 reacts to the standard X10 commands that are: "All Units On", "All Units Off", "All Lights Off" from any X-10 controller set to its house code regardless of unit code or alternatively individual unit control by "On" an "Off" commands.

    House code and unit code are programmed using any X10 compatible controllers. There is an EEPROM that stores the house and unit code even when the power is cut.
    Availability: Out of stock

    Dimming actuator/interface 230V

    €44.50 excl tax €81.26 excl tax
    Dimming actuator for installation behind retractive switches and wall sockets or in distribution boxes.
    Suitable for remote or on-site operation of lighting.

    Switch actuator with interface

    €39.99 excl tax
    EOL Equipment. Alternative: INS 2443-422 - Micromodule On/Off

    The AW12 in-wall module is small enough (46 x 46 x 17 mm) to be mounted behind any standard wall switch, even most designer switches.

    It is an X10 receiver module that can be controlled by any X10 controller or remote control sending X10 signals. The internal relay can also be tripped by external latched or momentary action wall switches. If a push button is used, the internal relay changes its status after a momentary press (< 1,75s). If a latched switch is used, the internal relay changes it status after 1.75s. This module is able to be used on a conventional commutation without changing the existing switches.

    The AW 12 reacts to the standard X10 commands that are: "All Units On", "All Units Off", "All Lights Off" from any X-10 controller set to its house code regardless of unit code or alternatively individual unit control by "On" an "Off" commands.

    House code and unit code are programmed using any X10 compatible controller. There is an EEPROM that stores the house and unit code even when the power is cut.

    EOL Equipment. Alternative: INS 2443-422 - Micromodule On/Off
    Availability: Out of stock


    €4.50 excl tax
    The Uni-Remote is designed to control up to 8 devices: TV, VCR, CBL(decoder, set top box), ASAT (analog satellite receiver), DSAT (digital satellite receiver) or any other device under AUX mode key. The Uni-Remote contains a library of codes thar are preprogrammed into the remote control. This library covers nearlly all the audio video products on the market today. The codes have to be programmed once before use.
    Availability: Out of stock

    X10 PC RF Encrypted Interface (Serial Port)

    €15.00 excl tax

    Programmer and Controller

    €639.45 excl tax

    Encrypted remote control 8 in 1 - touch screen (IR+RF+X10)

    €50.00 excl tax
    The 4073 is a universal command with a tactile screen, with a backlight of deep blue, especially geared towards the control of X-10 devices by encrypted radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) signals, allowing however the control of 4 multimedia devices (DVD, TV, etc.) by IR. It is compatible with the X-10 RF encrypted receiver S4022, being able to control all the house codes, unit codes and the X-10 commands “On”, “Off”, “All Lights On”, “All Units Off”, “Dim” and “Bright”.
    Its memory is well adapted to the day-by-day needs, being able to store 4 macros with up to 8 commands each and to learn IR commands to control 4 different devices.
    It has a keyboard lock and is supplied with a docking base to be applied to the wall.

    Computer Interface Xanura

    €450.00 excl tax
    The Xanura computer interface allows you to control all applications through X10 modules.

    You can save scenarios in the CIX module to run automatically even with the interface disconnected from the computer. Adding or modifying scenarios can be done very simply. with the included Xanura software. This software also allows programming of so-called conditional scenarios; for example, "IF" the switch is operated "E" is dark, "THEN" the room lighting goes on ...

    By installing the included software, you can automatically control devices or groups of X10 switching devices based on an electronic clock / calendar.

    Signal Strength Indicator

    PLC Auto
    €172.55 excl tax

    Internal / External R.F. Motion Detector

    €29.90 excl tax
    Imagine you won't need to tell the kids any more to turn off the lights when they leave their bedroom. With the MS13E Occupancy Sensor, it will be done automatically. Imagine not having to search for a light switch in the dark. The MS13E will turn on the lights when you enter. And for the "sophisticated", with the CM15 Computer Interface you can set up macros to run when the MS13E senses "occupancy" or not. With the CM11E time-delay feature you could have sequenced lighting. So it's not only the garage or front door lights which you may wish to control by the MS13E Occupancy sensor. However, don't forget everytime a light or heater is switched off because nobody is in the room, you save money. The MS13E Motion Detector sends Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) signals to an X10 Transceiver (TM13E) or any X10 security system base receiver. The receiver then passes the signals onto your house wiring to turn on lights (or appliances) around your home. The MS13E will send a RF signal to turn off the light at the users pre-determined time. The user can set the MS13E to turn off at 1,2,4,8,16,32,64, 128 or 256 minimum later as long as no motion has been detected. Note that the MS13E has a built-in photocell that detects when it's dark. The user can select to use the photocell to only turn lights on when it's dark. In this condition the MS13E does not transmit its RF signal during daylight. Alternatively the user may choose not to use the photocell and the MS13E will transmit day and night that there is someone there. In addition, the MS13E sends signals when it detects dusk and dawn so it can turn a light on when it gets dark and turn it off when it gets light (in addition to turning lights on when it detects motion, when it's dark).

    Outdoor Appliance Module (Type G - Shuco)

    €13.00 excl tax

    The AM19RF ON/OFF Indoor Appliance module from Haibrain® enables you to remotely and wirelessly control your lights and appliances with X10 RF.

    The Indoor Appliance module is an X10 RF receiver and is able to receive commands from all RF Transmitters, such as the MS13, SS11 and all other X10 RF controls. The AM19RF converts an incoming RF signal into a direct command (ON/OFF) to your connected light or device.

    The AM19RF RF receiver has the same features as the AM17RF. However, the AM19RF is suitable for outdoor use, the lid protects the socket against splash water (IP44). To guarantee that the appliance module is waterproof, we recommended placing the module into a vertically oriented outlet with the hinged lid on top and use an insulated grounding type plug. Secondly make sure the lid is closed when no devices are connected.

    Universal Alarm Interface

    €36.58 excl tax
    Connects to an existing system and turns on lights when tripped. It has 3 modes of operation:
    In mode 1 the SM10 will turn On all Lamp Modules and Wall Switch Modules set to its House code, and will also turn On any other Modules set to its Unit code, a stereo connected to an Appliance Module, for example. All Lamp Modules and Wall Switch Module are left in the On state when the system is deactivated, but the Module set to the same Unit code as the SM10 will turn Off.
    In mode 2 the SM10 will FLASH all lights connected to Lamp Modules or Wall Switch Modules. All Lamp and Wall Switch Modules will be left in the On state when the system is de-activated but Appliance modules set to the same House code as the SM10 will turn Off.
    In mode 3 the SM10 will turn ON any Module set to the same House Code and Unit Code as the SM10 when the system is activated and turns it OFF when the input contact is opened.
    Set the input switch to A for triggering the interface by a low voltage input (6-8 V AC, DC or audio), to B for triggering the interface by a dry contact closure. Do not connect 220V to the input terminal!
    The SM10 has a test button which allows you to activate it whether or not it is connected to a system. The All light off button allows you to turn off anything which has been turned on by the interface.
    To install the SM10 (is expected to be installed inside the security controller panel) :
    • Connect the system output to the screw terminals.
    • Connect the flying lead to the 230V power supply, most likely at the 230V side of the transformer.

    SW10 Shutter switch, in-wall, on / off / dim

    €44.71 excl tax
    EOL equipment: alternatives: INS_2444-422 - Micromodule Open/Close (for shutters) from INSTEON is X10 compatible.

    Double Button Wall Lamp Switch (2 Wires)

    €37.40 excl tax
    Availability: 3 in stock

    Double Button Wall Lamp Switch (3 Wires)

    €37.40 excl tax
    Availability: 4 in stock

    ebode Lamp module

    €24.35 excl tax
    The RPL is a lamp module, X10 compatible, that receives Powerline signals.
    The dimmer include in this equipment is prepared to control 230V incandescent or halogen loads from 60 to 150W.
    The RPL sends and receives the following commands: X10 ON/OFF, DIM/BRIGHT, ALL LIGHTS ON, ALL LIGHTS OFF and ALL UNITS OFF.
    The module address is electronically programmed.

    Mini Timer

    €36.50 excl tax
    It can be programmed so easily as an alarm clock.
    It allows 8 timed events.
    Can be used as na alarm clock.
    Availability: 2 in stock

    Simtone Double gang frame

    €4.25 excl tax
    Double gang frame for S2222E, S2223E, S2224E, S2225E, S3160E e S4206E switches.

    Simtone Triple gang frame

    €5.10 excl tax
    Triple gang frame for S2222E, S2223E, S2224E, S2225E, S3160E e S4206E switches.

    X10 Switch triple gang frame

    €16.29 excl tax
    Triple gang frame for AW10G, LW11G e SW10G switchs
    Availability: 2 in stock

    SW12 - In-Wall Shutter Module (used equipment)

    €32.51 excl tax
    Used equipment, tested by experienced technicians and it's fully functional.

    The SW12 allows a motorized blind to be controlled either manually from momentary acting push switches connected to the unit, or remotely by serial X10 Powerline messages sent from a suitable controller. When controlled serially the blind can be made to go to intermediate settings in addition to fully up or fully down. The SW12 can be used with all desired design switches. Window parameters, such as Window Size and Current Position, together with the unit’s address are set into it by the user when the unit is put into Install Mode and these are stored in permanent memory. This data is retained even through a loss of power.
    Availability: Out of stock

    Mini remote control

    €26.25 excl tax
    The KR22 is a remote control with the size of a credit card.
    Is reduced size allows to be store in a pocket or purse. The capability of sending the “On”, “Off”, “Dim” and “Bright” commands can control 4 different X-10 addresses. It sends RF signals to any X-10 RF receptor.
    Availability: Out of stock

    R.F. micromodule pack

    €38.17 excl tax
    Radio control of lights and other devices. Easy to use.
    The RMML actuator micromodules can be concealed behind regular switches, ceilings, technical boxes, etc. and can be controlled by the EM, R.F. switch emitter (battery operated), which can be placed anywhere in the wall or furniture.