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    Wireless Shield Keyboard

    €118.96 excl tax
    The 2-way wireless EL-5829 Shield Keypad is a modern, streamlined keypad that enables users to remotely control and operate iConnect 2-Way security systems.
    A major advantage of the Shield Keypad is that one can use it for full installer programming of the iConnect 2 -Way system.

    Availability: Available in Usually available for shipment within 1-2 business days after ordering.

    Wireless Round Multi-Function Keyfob

    €34.66 excl tax
    EL’s newly designed miniature keyfob can easily fit onto a keychain for fashionable convenience and control. The wireless device uses a single offthe- shelf battery, with efficient power use for longer battery life.

    Two Way Wireless Emergency Keyfob

    €49.74 excl tax
    This EL one-button device is a water-resistant handheld transmitter designed for crisis notification and emergency calls. The large button makes its use easy for the elderly, disabled and sight-impaired individuals.

    2-Way Wireless Input/Output Expander

    €90.84 excl tax
    The 2-Way Wireless Input/ Output Expander serves two purposes; as an extension module enabling wired devices to be connected to the iConnect 2-Way Control System and permitting programmable outputs, thus allowing the connection of auxiliary electrical devices to the iConnect system which can be controlled either using the smartphone app or a keyfob.

    EL4770 2.5A power supply

    €15.74 excl tax
    Power supply 12VDC 2.5A for EL4770 8 wired zone expander

    Two way Wireless repeater

    €91.93 excl tax
    The two way EL-4635 Wireless Repeater extends the range between the control panel and wireless detectors, eliminating problematic reception area.
    • Up to 32 transmitters registration
    • Battery and AC status LED indication
    • 6VAC or 9VDC power supply
    • 3.6V/850mAh backup battery (3 x 1.2 Ni-MH Rechargeable cells, size AAAL)
    • Built-in transmitter and receiver
    • Tamper switch

    GSM external antenna

    €23.34 excl tax
    External antenna for Prime and iConnect GSM communication modules.

    Large alarm signpost with opaque background

    €6.00 excl tax
    Large alarm signpost with opaque background

    Small alarm signpost with opaque background

    €4.47 excl tax
    Small alarm signpost with opaque background

    Compact Aluminum Magnetic Contact

    €11.38 excl tax
    Large magnetic power GAP up to 40mm Recommended for special applications (large doors)