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    Ajax Transmitter

    Ajax Transmitter
    €38.19 incl tax
    Wireless module for connection of outdoor motion detectors, IR barriers, liquid level detectors, and gas detectors, thermal relays and any third-party devices with wired output to the Ajax security system.

    AJAX Button

    €23.49 incl tax
    Panic button: Notify all users of an emergency situation. Execute scenario: Switch devices or lights on or off at the touch of a button. AJAX Button has two functions, which you determine by short or long press of the button. For example, short press sends emergency, and long press turns on lights.

    AJAX ReX - Range extender

    From €94.21 incl tax
    AJAX ReX is a Range Extender that amplifies the wireless Jeweller signal coming from the AJAX Hub. By default, the AJAX Hub has a maximum transferable distance of 2000 meters, and with this ReX you extend the wireless signal by another 1800 meters. It will be clear that due to the enormous distance that is already achieved from the Hub, this Rex is only intended for homes with very large plots, or factories.

    AJAX ReX2 - Range extender

    €161.63 incl tax
    Radio signal range extender supporting photo verification of alarms

    More applications of a security system
    Range extenders expand the boundaries of the protected area and give even more freedom to place security system devices. By connecting all or part of the devices 1 to ReX 2, you will ensure the security and automation of a business centre, estate, warehouse complex, or a large production facility. 5 range extenders can operate within the Ajax system to expand the coverage of the radio network up to 35 km2 2. Events and alarms are transmitted instantly, and the first photo verification snapshot is delivered to a monitoring station and users in just 13 seconds*.