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    Netatmo full range of smart home products available on eurox10

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    Netatmo Thermostat

    €179.99 incl tax

    Heating, but not as we know it!

    Intelligence and design. These are the hallmarks of Netatmo's thermostat for smartphones. Netatmo called upon world-famous French designer Philippe Starck to turn the thermostat into a minimalist, designer object. But that's not all. The true innovation lies in the fact your heating is now connected to the Internet. Your thermostat will schedule your heating to suit your life. What's more, the Netatmo thermostat is equipped with software that takes into consideration your home's specific characteristics and even the outside temperature. Therefore you always have the ideal temperature. Planning on getting home from work earlier today? Forget to turn off the heating before you went away for the weekend? Not a problem! You can access your thermostat from your computer, tablet or smartphone: the choice is yours. The Netatmo app is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone*.

    Save money too!

    The Netatmo thermostat for smartphones will pay for itself in less than one winter**. Think of all the money you’ll save. These incredible results come from four unique features: 1/ Automatic scheduling 2/ Taking into consideration your home's insulation 3/ Taking into consideration the outside temperature (thanks to its Internet connection) 4/ A new “PID” (proportional integral derivative) algorithm to get you as close as possible to your desired temperature. You can save up to 25% on your energy bills.

    Easy installation!

    The Netatmo thermostat for smartphones is as easy to install as A-B-C. Check your heating system compatibility here.

    Availability: Usually available for shipment within 1-2 business days after ordering.


    €299.98 incl tax
    Presence does outdoor security better! Presence, the smartest outdoor security camera, is able to distinguish people, cars and animals. It tells you exactly what it sees around your home and notifies you directly on your smartphone. It has an integrated smart floodlight which switches on only when needed, to help deter unwanted visitors, cars, animals or all three.


    €199.99 incl tax
    Welcome is a revolutionary smart home camera with face recognition technology. Besides providing a powerful remote security monitoring experience both day and night, Welcome can alert you when your children or elderly parents pass in front of the camera: the camera sends their names directly to your smartphone. You will always know when your loved ones are safely home. The camera also alerts you when it sees a stranger, which helps you better protect your home. Use Welcome to keep an eye on your home when you are away or to watch your vacation home remotely. Watch live stream and recorded videos from your smartphone, tablet or computer. (App available on App Store and Google Play Store). Welcome provides reassurance without surveillance. Thanks to face recognition, you can disable video recording and notifications completely for individual people, such as your adolescent or partner. All videos are privately stored on the camera's local micro SD card. Take the micro SD card out and all identification data and videos are gone. Access from the user's smartphone is secured by a bank-level encrypted connection to guarantee the highest level of protection. There is no subscription, no contract and no fee. Storing your videos is completely safe and completely free.

    Welcome Tags

    €99.99 incl tax
    Keep your home secure and protected with this Netatmo Welcome Tag 3 Pack. You can place these discreet tags on your windows, doors or even on your mailbox for complete peace of mind. When each one is triggered, they will send a notification straight to your smartphone so that you can investigate straight away. These handy tags also come with open and close sensors, you you'll know if you accidentally left a window open or the garage door ajar. Suitable for use with the Netatmo Welcome camera (up to 12 Tags per camera), sold separately.

    Radiator Valves

    €79.99 incl tax
    Heat radiator / heating system valve, requires prior installation of a "Radiator Vales Starter Pack" or "Thermostat" from Netatmo. It is compatible with Apple HomeKit, iOS 9 or higher, and Android 4.2 or higher / Google Play. Up to 20 valves can be fitted.

    Radiator Valves Starter Pack

    €199.99 incl tax
    Set of 2 valves for heat radiators / aquecimento systems and gateway / relay (dispenses with installation of thermostat). Ideal for quem tem um system of aquecimento comunitário, ao qual não tem direct access It is compatible with Apple Home Kit, iOS 9 or higher, and Android 4.2 or higher / Google Play.