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    IR Wireless Optical Barrier

    €370.72 excl tax
    The JA-60IR optical infrared barrier is designed to protect areas such as doors, windows, balconies etc. within a range of 5 meters.

    Wireless Glass Break Detector

    €51.50 excl tax
    The JA-60B is a modern wireless glass break detector that provides easy and reliable protection against robbery.

    Wireless Motion Detector for JA-6x series (refurbished)

    JA-60P REF
    €46.50 excl tax €56.50 excl tax
    The JA-60P is an intruder detector designed to detect human body movement in a protected area.

    (Used unit, refurbished as new)
    Availability: 5 in stock

    Wireless Gas Detector

    €72.80 excl tax
    The JA-60G detects all mixtures of air and combustible gas (Natural Gas, Methane, Propane, Butane, Acetylene, GPL, Hydrogen, etc).
    Availability: 1 in stock

    Wireless Outdoor P.I.R. Motion Detector

    €330.30 excl tax
    The JA-60V is an outdoor intruder detector designed to detect human body movement in a protected area.

    Flood detector

    €21.50 excl tax
    The detector indicates room water floods (e.g. cellars, bathrooms). This information is sent to an alarm system for alert message transmission. It is connectible to an Oasis alarm system via a JA-81M wireless detector. Plug it into the IN1 input terminal (red wire) and GND (black wire). If the detector is triggered (e.g. by a water), it sends a trigger signal. If the detector goes into a stand-by condition, it sends a non-triggered signal. The LD-81 takes its power supply from the JA-81M´s circuit.
    It is possible to use the LD-81 with an older type of detector, the JA-60N, for Profi systems if you insert a 4k7 resistor in series with the LD-81 between the INP (red wire) input terminals and GND (black wire).

    outdoor wireless PIR detector (dual zone)

    €304.22 excl tax
    The JA-88P wireless PIR detector is designed to indicate disturbance outside the building caused by human bodies. It is a two-zone outdoor detector by Optex supplemented with a transmitter compatible with JA-80 OASiS systems. Both the detector and the transmitter are powered by three lithium batteries. Both devices have a common power supply and the low battery signal is transmitted to an ESS control panel as a standard. The detector is equipped with two TAMPER contacts (front and rear), which immediately report opening of the detector cover or its possible tearing from the place of installation. The detector regularly performs automatic tests and reports its status via control transmissions to the system.