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    Two-way Outdoor Siren

    €143,25 sin IVA
    The MCS-730 two-way, self-powered fully wireless outdoor siren (IP55) provides the perfect security solution for home owners looking for an external siren that is both affordable and easy to install. It excels in offering cabling-free installation and optional extended time between battery changes.
    The siren's two-way, fully supervised communication with the control panel and two diversity antennas assure highly reliable operation and optimal wireless performance, including visual and audial notifications of intrusions, fire alarms, low battery voltage, and communication disruptions. In addition, the siren provides auditory squawk notifications of arming and disarming the security system. In the event of an alarm, the siren sound is extremely loud, ensuring the alarm is noticed.
    The sleek design ensures the MCS-730 siren is clearly visible from almost every angle. This makes it highly effective at alerting and deterring potential intruders, while maintaining the clean external look of any building.

    Fully Wireless Indoor Siren

    €114,75 sin IVA
    The MCS-720 is a fully supervised wireless siren, for indoor use, that communicates with PowerMax Pro or PowerMaxComplete alarm system.

    Sirena de exterior 115dB

    €45,50 sin IVA €58,00 sin IVA

    Esta sirena ha sido diseñado y fabricada en Portugal.

    Ha sido diseñado para el uso en exterior. Obtén su energía a través de la central de alarma y tiene una batería de reserva incorporada.

    Tiene un sensor de sabotaje que origina una alarma en caso de violación de la cubierta.