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    AJAX DoorProtect

    €31.36 incl tax
    Wireless opening detector that notifies of first signs of room intrusion by means of a broken door or window. It can be mounted on all types of doors including a metal base.

    AJAX DoorProtect Plus

    DoorProtect Plus-Black-copy
    From €48.22 incl tax
    Wireless opening detector notifies of first signs of intrusion into the room through the door or window. It is installed even on roof windows which can be left open when leaving the house.

    AJAX MotionProtect Curtain

    MotionProtect Curtain
    €59.99 incl tax
    Narrow beam indoor motion detector. Protects windows, doors, and valuables. Reservation of the interior perimeter. A single sensor protects an entire wall up to 15m.

    AJAX MotionCam Outdoor

    €209.10 incl tax
    AJAX MotionCam Outdoor

    DualCurtain Outdoor

    DualCurtain Outdoor
    €166.35 incl tax
    Wireless outdoor bidirectional curtain motion detector
    Protecting property boundaries

    DualCurtain Outdoor controls your property perimeter without creating obstacles for people who are already inside. Two independent optical systems with narrow viewing sectors and flexible settings allow you to accurately adjust 30 meters of the detection zone, excluding possible sources of false alarms. The ELSA (Extended Live Signal Analysis) unique software reacts to intruders, screening out triggers like natural interferences and pets.

    AJAX MotionProtect Outdoor

    €165.50 incl tax
    AJAX MotionProtect Outdoor detects people before they enter your home. With a range of up to 15 meters at an angle of 90 degrees and a sensitivity adjustable in 3 positions, this detector is perfect for outdoor use. Dogs and cats can just run loose in the garden and only people who don’t have anything to look for will be detected. This detector can be mounted anywhere in the garden, or on your driveway, thanks to its wireless range of 1800 meters from the Hub.

    Hood for AJAX MotionProtect Outdoor

    €9.72 incl tax
    Hood for MotionProtect Outdoor protects sensors of the anti-masking system from rain and snow

    AJAX GlassProtect

    From €61.40 incl tax
    Small wireless detector that notifies of glass being broken by intruders. It is installed at a distance of 9 m from the window and filters events that cause false alarms about breakage.
    Glass-breaking detector via two-way radio with built-in temperature sensor. Detection 9m; 1 cable entry. CR123A lithium battery power supply; Grade 2

    AJAX FireProtect White

    From €63.37 incl tax
    Wireless fire detector with temperature sensor that monitors security in the room twenty four hours a day and immediately notifies of smoke and sharp jumps in temperature.

    AJAX FireProtect White

    FireProtect Plus
    From €95.05 incl tax
    Wireless fire detector with temperature and carbon oxide sensors that monitors security in the room twenty four hours a day and immediately notifies of dangerous CO levels, smoke and sharp jumps in temperature.

    AJAX LeaksProtect

    From €38.19 incl tax
    Wireless flood detector detects first signs of leakage within milliseconds. It is installed without using tools.

    AJAX HomeSiren

    €50.97 incl tax
    Wireless indoor siren that loudly notifies of an alarm during detector activation. It is installed indoors to warn of danger or deter intruders.

    AJAX StreetSirene

    €119.65 incl tax
    Wireless outdoor siren that notifies of danger using sound and light. The device is installed outside the room to raise an alarm for everyone to hear.

    AJAX KeyPad

    €95.46 incl tax
    Wireless touch keypad is used for arming/disarming of Ajax security system. It is mounted in the room near the entrance door to provide quick access to the keypad.

    AJAX KeyPad Plus

    €99.90 incl tax
    Wireless touch keypad supporting encrypted contactless cards and key fobs


    €5.51 incl tax
    Encrypted contactless key fob for keypad PLUS


    €5.51 incl tax
    Encrypted contactless card for keypad PLUS

    AJAX SpaceControl

    €26.69 incl tax
    Un mando para controlar los modos de seguridad. Cuenta con un botón de pánico para enviar alarmas a su círculo interno y una compañía de seguridad en caso de problemas.

    4 Pieces Jablotron Oasis Wireless GSM Dialer Security Kit

    €796.73 incl tax
    The 4 pieces kit includes one Oasis security console with the RF communications module, the GSM communication module, one wireless keypad and one wireless motion detector.

    Ajax Transmitter

    Ajax Transmitter
    €38.19 incl tax
    Wireless module for connection of outdoor motion detectors, IR barriers, liquid level detectors, and gas detectors, thermal relays and any third-party devices with wired output to the Ajax security system.

    Corridor lens

    €2.56 incl tax
    Corridor lens for Jablotron's motion detectors. Compatible with JS-10, JS-20, JS-25, JA-60P, JA-80P, JA-80PB, JA-84P e JA-83P.

    Door-opening Detector

    €43.66 incl tax
    The AZ-10M is designed to indicate an intrusion by sensing the opening of doors or windows . The magnetic contact detector responds to the removal of the door- or window-mounted permanent magnet from the main unit.
    Manually tampering with the detector, or any attempt to remove it from the window or door frame leads to the transmission of a tamper signal. The detector performs regular auto-testing and regularly reports its condition to the system.

    Dual zone outdoor wireless motion detector - curtain

    €320.91 incl tax
    The JA-87P wireless outdoor detector with curtain lens characteristics is designed to indicate disturbances outside the building caused by human bodies. It is a dual zone outdoor detector by Optex with a 5° angular width detection zone which makes it very suitable for guarding narrow spaces such as balconies, French doors, terraces, etc. It is supplemented with a transmitter compatible with JA-8x OASiS systems. Both the detector and the transmitter are powered by a lithium battery. The common power supply is beneficial as the low battery signal is transmitted to a control panel as standard. The detector is equipped with three TAMPER contacts (at the front on the detection part and the front and rear on the transmission part), which immediately report opening of the detector cover or its tearing from the place of installation. The detector can also have the anti-masking function activated. The detector reports its current status via control transmissions to the system.

    Exterior Siren 115dB

    €55.96 incl tax €71.34 incl tax
    This siren was designed and made in Portugal.

    It has been designed for exterior use. Get is power trough the alarm central and a backup battery incorporated.

    Have a tamper that originates an alarm in case of cover violation.

    Interface For An Outdoor Keypad / Reader

    €81.80 incl tax
    The WJ-80 is designed to connect JA-80H outdoor keypads or JA-80N RFID readers to a control panel. It provides an output to operate the electric strike of a door lock and is equipped with a wireless door bell transmitter.
    The WJ-80 can also be used to interface to a third party keypad (reader) which uses Wiegand 26b protocol (e.g. HID RK-40 a RK-10).

    IR Wireless Optical Barrier

    €455.99 incl tax
    The JA-60IR optical infrared barrier is designed to protect areas such as doors, windows, balconies etc. within a range of 5 meters.

    Ocbridge Plus

    ocBridge Plus
    €52.83 incl tax
    Receiver module for connecting Ajax detectors to wired and hybrid security systems. The device is integrated into any central unit with wired security areas.

    Powermax Pro Security console

    €309.04 incl tax
    The PowerMax Pro is a user and installer-friendly, 30-zone fully-supervised wireless control system. The system is designed to function in a way that appeals to the user but also offers features that make installers’ life easier than ever before.
    The PowerMax Pro includes an optional partition feature.
    Partitioning allows you to have up to four independently controllable areas with different user codes assigned to each partition. A partition can be armed or disarmed regardless of the status of the other partitions within the system.

    Siren kit for outdoor, wired to the central Homeprotector

    €74.87 incl tax
    Siren kit external, wired to the security console SC-28 Homeprotector.
    When the control panel SC-28 is triggered, sends a set of X10 signals to the grid that can be used to activate the lighting of your home or signaling systems such as sirens or fireflies.

    Two-way Outdoor Siren

    €176.20 incl tax
    The MCS-730 two-way, self-powered fully wireless outdoor siren (IP55) provides the perfect security solution for home owners looking for an external siren that is both affordable and easy to install. It excels in offering cabling-free installation and optional extended time between battery changes.
    The siren's two-way, fully supervised communication with the control panel and two diversity antennas assure highly reliable operation and optimal wireless performance, including visual and audial notifications of intrusions, fire alarms, low battery voltage, and communication disruptions. In addition, the siren provides auditory squawk notifications of arming and disarming the security system. In the event of an alarm, the siren sound is extremely loud, ensuring the alarm is noticed.
    The sleek design ensures the MCS-730 siren is clearly visible from almost every angle. This makes it highly effective at alerting and deterring potential intruders, while maintaining the clean external look of any building.

    Wired input extension module

    €60.64 incl tax
    This module provides 10 additional wired inputs, thus extending the total capacity to 14 wired inputs.

    4 Pieces Jablotron Wireless Phone Dialer Security Kit

    €466.06 incl tax
    The 4 pieces kit includes one Oasis security console with the RF communications module, the PSTN communication module, one wireless keypad and one wireless motion detector.

    AJAX uartBridge

    €28.01 incl tax
    The receiver module for connecting Ajax detectors to wireless security systems and smart home solutions.

    Emergency Remote

    €36.89 incl tax
    Send a help message in case off na emergency. If the user presses the "Emergency Call" button an panic alarm is triggered.

    Fully Wireless Indoor Siren

    €141.14 incl tax
    The MCS-720 is a fully supervised wireless siren, for indoor use, that communicates with PowerMax Pro or PowerMaxComplete alarm system.

    Infra-red barrier

    €802.62 incl tax
    The JA-80IR is designed to detect the interruption of infra-red beams by intruders walking between IR transmitters and receivers. The unit comprises an Optex sensor and a Jablotron transmitter and is powered by 4 lithium batteries. Tampering is also signalled to the control panel in addition to beam blocking and the results of regular self-testing.

    Motion Detector

    €40.45 incl tax
    The AZ-10P is designed to detect human movement in a protected area . The detector is particularly suited to rooms with multiple entrances. Signals are transmitted using secure protocol radio signals. Any tampering with the product or attempt to remove it results in sending a tamper signal. The detector performs regular auto-testing and reports its conditions regularly to the system.

    Outdoor Keypad and RFID Card Reader

    €130.75 incl tax
    The JA-80H was designed to control access (door lock) or to control a security system and connects to the Oasis control panel via a WJ-80 interface. Alternatively it can be connected to an AS-80 unit as a part of a stand-alone access system. The keypad and card reader sends data in Wiegand 26b format.

    PowermaxPro Kit with GSM

    €465.86 incl tax
    This kit is composed by one PowermaxPro security console, three PIR Next MCW(868) wireless motion detectors, one MCT-234(868) keyfob and one GSM-350 communications module.

    Remote Chime

    €29.35 incl tax
    The Remote Chime is designed to work with the X10 Security Console or Home Controller to provide a pleasant annunciator chime when someone approaches. It will also respond as Siren in case the Security Console is activated. It can also be activated using the correct House Code and Unit Code from any X10 controller.

    RFID Tag

    €9.11 incl tax
    The AZ-10T RFID tag is used to identify and authenticate users. To authorize it is sufficient to apply the RFID tag to the AZ-10D RFID tag reader . The RFID tag can be attached comfortably onto a key ring.
    The AZ-10T is only compatible with the Azor system. It cannot be used for JA-8x Oasis RFID tag readers and Oasis RFID cards/tags cannot be used for Azor systems

    Universal output module

    €62.48 incl tax
    The JA-68 is a universal output module designed for use within Jablotron systems of the JA-80 OASiS, JA-63 Profi and JA-65 Maestro series. The module provides eight factory reprogrammed semiconductor outputs and a switch-over relay output. The relay can be configured using 10 DIP switches which allows for multiple function assignment. There is no limit in the number of JA-68 modules used in the system. There is no limit to the number of JA-68 modules used in the system and the JA-68 module can be combined with GSM, LAN or PSTN (landline) communicators.
    The module is designed for being placed into the control panel housing.

    Wireless Glass Break Detector

    €63.34 incl tax
    The JA-60B is a modern wireless glass break detector that provides easy and reliable protection against robbery.

    Wireless Keypad

    €81.67 incl tax
    The JA-63F keypad is designed to control and program alarm systems of Jablotron’s JA-60 series.
    Availability: 1 in stock

    8 Pieces Jablotron Oasis Wireless GSM Dialer Security Kit

    €991.07 incl tax
    The 8 pieces kit includes one Oasis security console with the RF communications module, the GSM communication module, one wireless keypad, one wired indoor siren, one mini remote, three wireless motion detector and one USB cable.

    AJAX WallSwitch

    €35.50 incl tax
    The radio channel controller allows to control domestic appliances remotely. It is used to switch on/off irons, garage gates, water heaters and heat-insulated floors.

    Bi-Directional Curtain Detector

    €30.22 incl tax
    Thanks to EL’s patented Motion Vector Analysis technology, the Arrow XL operates with remarkable agility in a 9-meter curtain across display windows, skylights, sliding doors, attic entrances and corridors. Arrow XL analyzes signal pulses, recognizing their direction and distinguishing between permitted motion (approach from inside the protected perimeter) and suspicious motion (approach from outside the curtain).

    Mini Remote with 4 buttons

    €38.74 incl tax
    The RC-86 is designed to remotely control setting/unsetting, trigger panic alarms, and control other appliances. The big advantage is the possibility of configuring it to 433 MHz (JA-60 systems, UC-216, UC-222 receivers etc). The keyfob indicates its flat battery.
    Availability: 3 in stock

    Mini-size Wireless Glass-break Detector

    €85.12 incl tax
    The JA-85B glass-break detector uses the analysis of air pressure variations combined with the characteristic sound of glass breaking and it is designed for indoor use in buildings or in cars. The battery-powered detector communicates via OASIS radio protocol.

    Next+ K9-85 MCW

    NEXT K9-85 MCW 868
    €70.11 incl tax
    The Next+ K9-85 MCW is a PowerCode™ wireless digital PIR detector designed to enable homeowners to secure their homes while allowing their pets to move freely anywhere in the house. Employing Visonic's patented "Target Specific Imaging" optical system (TSI™) and unique pet identification software algorithm, the Next+ K9-85 has an unprecedented capacity to reliably distinguish between human bodies and pets weighing up to 38 kg (85lb).

    Optical Smoke Detector

    €57.43 incl tax
    The AZ-10S detector reacts to the presence of smoke (visible smoke) and also to exceeding a high temperature in the room caused by fire. It has a built-in siren.
    It contains two separate detectors - an optical smoke detector and a heat detector . The optical smoke detector operates on the principle of scattered light and is very sensitive to larger particles, which are dense but is less sensitive to small particles from burning liquids such as alcohol, and so has a built-in temperature sensor. The microprocessor performs advanced digital analysis to avoid false alarms.

    Outdoor wired siren

    €115.79 incl tax
    The OS-366A is an hardwired outdoor backup siren combining a loud acoustic siren with a flashing light. The high-powered flashing light helps to locate the active siren

    PowerHorn Siren

    €72.03 incl tax
    PowerHorn is used as an additional audio alarm unit for use with the Home Security System which gives an additional independent 110 decibel sound output when the security system is triggered. The PowerHorn will only trip a few seconds later after the alarm trips. It counts the sequence transmitted to flash lights connected to Lamp Modules after the lights have flashed 4 or 5 times. This prevents it from being accidentally tripped from any other X10 controller.
    You can also trip the PowerHorn from any other X10 controller, which is useful in panic situations.
    It can be added anywhere around the home; nobody wants to hang around when one of these activate.

    Water detector for Homeprotector+

    €53.31 incl tax
    The detector has one NA (normally open) input for connecting the detector’s probe (included).
    Coded RF signal with 30m range in open field.
    Up to 30 detectors can be used with the SC-28 Homeprotector.

    Waterproof PowerCode™ Wrist Transmitter

    MCT-211 (868)
    €60.88 incl tax
    The MCT-211 is a PowerCode™ miniature waterproof wrist-worn transmitter, designed for personal emergency signaling and other applications where the transmitter needs to be within easy reach at all times.
    The transmitter is waterproof and suitable for wearing even in a shower or in other wet environments such as factories, hospitals, gardens, pools and rain conditions. Attractive ergonomic design makes the MCT-211 as convenient to wear on a regular basis as any wristwatch.

    Wireless Motion Detector for JA-6x series (refurbished)

    JA-60P REF
    €57.20 incl tax €69.50 incl tax
    The JA-60P is an intruder detector designed to detect human body movement in a protected area.

    (Used unit, refurbished as new)
    Availability: 5 in stock

    AJAX Relay

    €33.10 incl tax
    The relay is a wireless low-voltage relay. The relay can be used to remotely switch on/off devices powered by a 7-24 V DC source. The device communicates with the hub via the Jeweller radio protocol.

    Drill-in magnetic detector

    €3.00 incl tax
    Drill-in magnetic detector , NC contact with wires. Color Brown.

    Mini-size wireless motion detector

    €88.31 incl tax
    The JA-85P mini-size motion detector uses a PIR sensor and it is designed for indoor use in buildings or in cars. The battery-powered detector communicates via OASIS radio protocol

    Oasis Alarm Kit

    €448.95 incl tax

    The JK-84 is a pre-programmed OASiS alarm kit based on the Jablotron JA-82 control panel.

    Wireless communication with detectors and controllers. Easy installation.

    Outdoor wired siren

    €81.36 incl tax

    This siren is designed for outdoor use. It feeds through the control panel.

    The siren communicates with the host through the cable. This siren has a high acoustic power and a flashing light. In addition to the warning signs, it is also possible to issue "beeps" in the actions of arming and disarming the system unit.

    It has a built-in tamper sensor, causing an alarm if an attempt to open the siren.

    Pendant Transmitter

    MCT-241 (868)
    €62.73 incl tax
    The MCT-241 is a PowerCodeTM miniature, microprocessorcontrolled personal UHF transmitter. It is designed to transmit coded alert signal in distress or in other emergency situations. The transmitter is waterproof and suitable for wearing in a shower.
    The transmitter is activated by depressing the recessed oval pushbutton at the center of the unit. A built-in timer determines the transmission time to 3 seconds, even if the user maintains the transmission button depressed shorter or longer than that.
    When triggered, the transmitter transmits a unique, factory programmed, randomly selected 24-bit digital alarm code. This code is selected from 16 million possible codes and is therefore unique and virtually impossible to reproduce.
    Operating power is obtained from an internal 3V Lithium battery. A red LED (see Fig. 1) lights steadily during the transmission, giving reassurance to the user and indicating that the battery condition is good. If the LED flashes each time the transmitter is activated, it indicates that the battery voltage is low and must be replaced as soon as possible.
    The transmitter case is sealed (no screws) to enable the waterproof feature. Therefore, battery replacement can only be done in the factory. If the transmitter is activated while the battery voltage is low, a ‘low battery’ alarm code is transmitted. If the transmitter is not activated for a long period, the battery is self-tested every 12 hours. After three consecutive “low battery” states, a supervisory ‘low battery’ alarm code is transmitted.
    The transmitter is supplied with two wearing accessories, a neck cord (to be worn around the neck) and a clip (to be attached to the user belt or shirt pocket).
    The neck cord includes a built-in safety release mechanism. This neck cord must never be replaced with a cord that does not include a safety release.

    Smoke Detector R.F.

    €57.27 incl tax

    The SD-18 can work autonomously as an fire indicator, launching a powerful alerts via an audible alarm soaked (85 db). It can also work in conjunction with the security console HomeProtector+ (SC28) offering the possibility of remote alerts by phone, it also can activate several technical elements such as solenoid valves or fans.

    Wireless Curtain-Type PowerCode Infrared Detector

    Clip4 MCW (868)
    €58.12 incl tax
    Clip MCW is the industry's smallest and most elegant wireless curtain-type PIR detector designed for the protection of doors, windows and all-glass walls. This fully-supervised detector featuring anti-collision PowerCode™ technology is compatible with the PowerMax® wireless family and other Visonic PowerCode™ wireless receivers.
    Clip MCW creates a protective curtain enabling complete coverage for properties with large or subdivided windows, doors and all-glass walls. Clip MCW provides full perimeter protection while allowing consumers to normally and freely use the premises without triggering a false alarm.
    Clip MCW uses advanced patented digital FM signal processing, as well as the well-known patented TMR™ algorithm to enable three different detection modes (2m, 4m, 6m) in a single detector, each programmable for optimal performance with the unit's specific application. Advanced motion analysis enables Clip MCW to distinguish human motion from other disturbances for the most accurate detection and the fewest false alarms.

    Wireless Gas Detector

    €89.54 incl tax
    The JA-60G detects all mixtures of air and combustible gas (Natural Gas, Methane, Propane, Butane, Acetylene, GPL, Hydrogen, etc).
    Availability: 1 in stock

    Wireless wrist button

    €58.55 incl tax
    The RC-87 is a component of Jablotron’s Oasis 80 alarm system. It allows users to trigger panic alarms or to control appliances remotely.

    AJAX Socket

    From €60.33 incl tax
    The AJAX Socket is a smart power plug for full control of your devices. The Socket can help prevent damage in the event of power surges, but it is mainly used to save energy and automate standard tasks. The Socket simply plugs between your current plug and your wall socket, and then you are able to use the Ajax App. thousands of miles from home to turn on your lights, manage devices, monitor power consumption, etcetera. Especially for hot water boilers this is very interesting. If you forgot to remove the plug of the boiler after departure, that’s no longer a problem. Curious how much power a certain device costs? With this Socket you can read it exactly. Also ideal when renting out houses, you can track exactly how much electricity your guests use.

    Bluetooth adapter

    €72.57 incl tax
    The JA-80BT Bluetooth adapter (interface) allows you to establish a wireless connection between systems of the JA-8x series or the JA-6x series and PCs equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect the adapter to the control panel’s digital bus connector via an RJ cable supplied with the package. The computer is assumed to have all the hardware/software installed necessary for Bluetooth communication.

    Combined smoke and heat detector

    €52.77 incl tax
    The detector indicates fire hazards using the built-in LED indicator and alarm outputs ALARM and TAMPER. These outputs must be connected to control panels complying with EN 50131-3.
    The SD-282 ST consists of two independent detectors – an optical smoke detector and a heat detector. The optical smoke detector works on the principle of scattered light and is very sensitive to dust particles which are present in smoke. There is also a built-in heat detector for detecting fire which generates heat quickly with a small amount of smoke. The microprocessor performs digital analysis for a high false-alarm immunity.

    Digital communicator

    €63.84 incl tax
    The JA-65X digital communicator is designed for JA-63 and JA-65 alarm control panels. If the 65X module is installed, the control panel can communicate with a Monitoring Station, send voice messages, SMS messages and dial a numeric Pager as well as communicate with a remote PC. A standard analog telephone line (type TNV 1-3) must be connected to the module for these functions.

    OASiS Control Panel

    €110.33 incl tax
    The JA-82KRC is a basic configuration of the JA-82K control panel. The JA 82K main board provides building-block-like modularity which allows functional extensions to be made by simply plugging-in the required modules.

    Universal GSM module (dual band) with backup battery pack

    €149.49 incl tax
    The Universal GSM module is easy to connect (install) with your HomeGuard or other PSTN alarm panels, by inserting a telephone wire in both analogue inputs. The GSM module enables the control panel to communicate via cellular networks.
    The modem translates the analogue signals and converts them into a GSM signal. A SIM card (prepaid or subscription from any provider) has to be placed inside the GSM module.
    The GSM module creates a two-way communication. This enables your security system to send an alarm alert to your mobile phone in cause of an emergency, and makes it possible to monitor and control your security system remotely.
    This model is supplied with an E-plug.

    Wireless combined PIR + MW detector

    €129.15 incl tax
    The detector is used for human motion detection in the interior of a building. Thanks to the combination of motion and microwave detection, the detector is highly resistant to false alarms.
    The detector guards the same way as a classic PIR motion detector.
    When motion is sensed in the guarded area, the MW detector is activated to confirm the triggering of the PIR. Only after receiving a confirmed alarm signal from the MW unit, does the detector send an alarm report to the control panel.

    Wireless Internal Siren

    €65.80 incl tax
    The JA-80L is a component of Jablotron’s Oasis 80 alarm system. It can be used as the following:
    • An indoor alarm siren;
    • A wireless door bell;
    • A detector-triggered chime;
    • A sounder for entrance and exit delay beeps;
    • Thief verification;

    Wireless Outdoor P.I.R. Motion Detector

    €406.27 incl tax
    The JA-60V is an outdoor intruder detector designed to detect human body movement in a protected area.

    Wireless Remote Commander

    MCM-140 (868)
    €78.41 incl tax
    The MCM-140/MCM-140+ is a wireless remote control unit for the PowerMax family control panels. The MCM-140 and MCM-140+ differ in their transmitted ID type and functions.
    1The MCM-140/MCM-140+ enables the user to arm/disarm the alarm system, to initiate emergency/fire/panic alarms, to perform one of the AUX (auxiliary) functions (see Note 2 and 3 in Section 7), to turn lighting devices on and off, and PGM control. The keypad includes an RF transmitter that sends out a differently coded RF signal for each command.
    For PowerMax, the MCM-140 enables activation of the Aux (Auxiliary), seven home control outputs (X-10), one PGM output, Fire and Emergency functions. Each button needs to be individually defined for the AUX, PGM or X-10 functions at the corresponding points of the define panel and define outputs menu of the control panel.

    Wireless Wall Button

    €59.66 incl tax
    The RC-88 is designed to be a remote control for setting/unsetting (arming/disarming) an alarm system, triggering panic alarms or remotely controlling other appliances. The battery-powered wireless button communicates via OASIS radio protocol.

    Wireless Water Detector

    €34.94 incl tax
    Get warned by flooding and intervene to prevent against water damage. The ebode water detector is battery operated and provided with 2 sensors which have to be placed on the location where water will be expected. When detecting water or moisture the eWD18 will sound an alarm (85DB), like a smoke detector does as a stand-alone system. To register the eWD18 to an X-10 network (BS800 HomeGuard, SC-28 Homeprotector/ProtectorPlus BS880/4 and BS880/7), the water detector is part of your X10 security system and here an alarm message will also be given.

    Advanced Wireless PowerCode™ Glass-Break detector

    MCT-501 (868)
    €143.91 incl tax
    The MCT-501 is a fully supervised digital glass-break wireless detector compatible with PowerMax™ and other Visonic PowerCode™ wireless systems. It is designed for a wide range of residential and commercial applications where reliable glass-break detection is required.
    The MCT-501 employs an advanced patented acoustic pattern recognition technology that can reliably distinguish between true alarms and false alarms. It provides 360o detection range of up to 6m (20 ft) and can detect breaking of different types of glass including plate, tampered, laminated and wired.

    AJAX Button

    €23.49 incl tax
    Panic button: Notify all users of an emergency situation. Execute scenario: Switch devices or lights on or off at the touch of a button. AJAX Button has two functions, which you determine by short or long press of the button. For example, short press sends emergency, and long press turns on lights.

    AJAX MultiTransmitter

    From €109.48 incl tax
    Tens of detectors and kilometers of wire can now effortlessly be transformed into a modern smartphone-controlled security system. Replacing the old security central unit, the module connects wired devices to a hub and makes them a full-fledged part of Ajax. MultiTransmitter is a step towards awareness and reliability. For a security company, it opens the possibility to configure the equipment remotely, and users get all the benefits of managing the system through an app.

    Brackets for PIR sensors

    €6.14 incl tax
    Adjustable bracket for EL-2645 and EL-1100 wireless motion detectors.

    Emergency Button

    €62.73 incl tax
    The MCT-220 enables people, for example senior citizens in their home environment, to transmit an emergency call when they are at some distance from their communication unit.

    Flood detector

    €26.44 incl tax
    The detector indicates room water floods (e.g. cellars, bathrooms). This information is sent to an alarm system for alert message transmission. It is connectible to an Oasis alarm system via a JA-81M wireless detector. Plug it into the IN1 input terminal (red wire) and GND (black wire). If the detector is triggered (e.g. by a water), it sends a trigger signal. If the detector goes into a stand-by condition, it sends a non-triggered signal. The LD-81 takes its power supply from the JA-81M´s circuit.
    It is possible to use the LD-81 with an older type of detector, the JA-60N, for Profi systems if you insert a 4k7 resistor in series with the LD-81 between the INP (red wire) input terminals and GND (black wire).

    Internal GSM/GPRS Module for PowerMax Systems

    €216.79 incl tax
    GSM-350 is a cellular communication module that connects some of the PowerMax® systems to the alarm central station. The module can report via GPRS* data channel and/or through the GSM network. This enables a high-speed and highly-reliable communication channel in cases of line failure or tampering with the standard telephony lines.

    In addition, it supports remote operation and event reporting via SMS. For any property without land-based telephone lines, the GSM-350 is a must-have. It extends the control panel functionality to any site, such as homes with VoIP-based telephony, anchored boats and isolated vacation houses.

    The module is internal and fits in the PowerMax system, so no additional external elements are needed. The integrity of the backup communication channel is ensured through continuous monitoring.

    OASiS control panel

    €182.16 incl tax
    The JA-83K control panel is a modular unit, with 50 addresses (marked 01 to 50). The heart of the unit is the JA-83K main board with 10 wired inputs (up to 30 using JA-82C modules).

    Surface magnetic contact

    €3.69 incl tax

    Surface magnetic contact.

    Universal indoor wired siren

    €10.31 incl tax
    This type of acustic indicator is 12VDC powwered and can be used as a powerful indoor siren.
    Availability: 2 in stock

    Backup battery for OS-36x sirens

    €17.22 incl tax
    4,8V 1800mAh rechargeable NiCd battery to be used with the OS-36x wired sirens.

    Dual-Tech Motion Sensor (PIR & Microwave) with Pet Immunity

    €48.89 incl tax
    The detector provides an analysis of environmental conditions through the entire movement speed frequency spectrum, allowing focus on intruders and eliminating environmental factors of false alarms. The spectrum analysis is embedded in the VLSI based electronics of the detector assuring high reliability and trouble free operation.
    As the LC-104-PIMW-W is a combined technology (PIR & microwave) an alarm signal relay activation occurs only when signals from both sensors (PIR & MW) are present at the same time. The effective detection range is the range of which the patterns (PIR & MW) are intersected. The GAIN potentiometer adjustment changes the MW signal intensity so that the effective pattern will be scaled.


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