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    Radio module

    €63.56 excl tax
    By plugging the GD-04R radio module into the digital bus connector your David acquires the following capabilities:
    • Relay X and Y state transmission to UC or AC OASiS wireless receivers.
    • Input A to D activations via RC-8x OASiS wireless buttons or via JA-8x OASiS wireless detectors.
    • Relay X or Y control via RC-8x OASiS wireless buttons.
    • Relay X or Y control via a TP-8x wireless thermostat.

    The module has a built-in internal antenna. If necessary, a Jablotron external antenna of type AN-80 or AN-81 can be applied to extend David’s working range.

    USB link cable

    €31.60 excl tax
    A GD-04P link cable, which allows you to connect David to a PC through a USB port and perform any desired configuration using GDLink software.

    Backup module

    €44.50 excl tax
    This module is imbedded in a specially-enlarged replacement cover. Installation is performed by replacing the original cover, together with wiring the GD-04A module to the GD-04 circuit board via the corresponding connector.
    The backup battery requires approx. 72 hours to be fully charged. The battery provides approx. 12 to 24 hours of backup operation, depending on the output relay state and on the GSM signal strength (as with any GSM device, David’s consumption is higher in places with a low signal level as the transmitter power has to be increased).

    David GSM communicator

    €273.50 excl tax
    The GD-04 David is a universal GSM dialer and controller. DAViD provides 2 output contacts of power relays and 4 input terminals. The GD-04 can be easily set up by using the configuration web page.

    DTMF module

    €16.38 excl tax
    The GD-04D allows relay X and Y control by entering numeric codes (DTMF codes) on the telephone keypad during calls. The DTMF codes intended for use have to be programmed.